AR gives the teachers an alternative tool to teach complex STEM topics and concepts in a simplified way and to explore the subjects in different settings and scenarios that would not otherwise be possible. These outcomes, therefore, enhance the students’ academic performance and the learning experience.

One of the examples of widely used AR educational resources is Augmented Classroom by CleverBooks. It is the first SaaS platform that provides multi-user interactivity in real-time for collaborative and co-creative projects regardless of geographical location. The main objective of the AR solution is to enhance the development of resources for digital education, empower personalized learning, reinforce inclusive education, help 21-century skills development, and facilitating remote and mobile learning in every classroom.

Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks in her TEDx Talk in 2019 pointed out that: “Every child has a right to succeed in their future career. As well as the right to have access to the most innovative 21st century pedagogical practices”.

AR technology earned a solid place in education in the recent decade and due to the hard times of remote learning, thousands of educators around the world were able to benefit support student’s learning through the application of this engaging EdTech tool. Furthermore, creating an environment where educators are empowered to embrace the 21st-century teaching practices helping students to develop skills necessary for the unknown future workforce.

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