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Administrative Staff

Buba Aragon Davis

Buba Aragon Davis


Buba has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science and speaks English and Spanish.

Dixie Lee Aragon Chavez

Dixie Lee Aragon

International Director

Dixie has a Bachelor’s Degree and two Master’s Degree, Certificate in Education Administration and speaks 3 language.

Elizabeth Lua Morfin

Elizabeth Lua Morfin

Director of administration

Elizabeth has a Bachelor’s Degree and has many years experience in Administrative and Financial Administration.

Robert L. Davis Jr.

Robert L. Davis Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Robert is a retired Assistant Chief  with the Denver Fire Department and speaks English, Spanish and German.

Tracy Castro Méndez

Tracy Castro Méndez

Online Director of Academics

Tracy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Speaks English and Spanish.

Our Teachers

Teacher Eduardo

Teacher Melina

Teacher Natalia

Teacher Maryflor

Teacher Robert

Teacher Edward

Teacher Silvana

Teacher Silvana

ESL and practice books with classes include

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